3 Hour Refresher Course

3 Hour Refresher Course

Our three hour refresher course was designed for drivers who have previously completed a Basic 6 Hour Defensive Driving program and are looking to extend their auto insurance discount. This course is a Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle Approved offering and will meet all requirements to secure your discount. When you complete the basic course, you are granted a 10% auto insurance discount and a point credit for three years. Taking this course increases and extends these benefits.

Upon completion of our 3 hour refresher course you will be entitled to:

  1. An improved auto insurance discount of 15% for three more years
  2. A continued three point reduction on your driving record for three years
  3. A reinforced understanding of safe, confident driving techniques

To complete this course, simply wait until you are at least 90 days away from your original discounts expiration date to get started. Once you finish the course, simply present your Completion Certificate to your insurance provider for your new, improved discount. We will also notify the DMV of your completion in order to extend your point credit. If you wait too long after your discount expires, you may be required to take the 6 Hour Course again. Check with your insurance agent or Contact Us anytime to be sure.

The 3 hour refresher course will cover many of the same topics you learned about in the 6 Hour Course, making sure that you retain the knowledge required to improve the safety on Delaware’s roads. Some of these topics include:

  • Driving Emergencies and Driver Distractions
  • Traffic Collisions and Insurance
  • Defensive Driving Techniques and Collision Prevention
  • Safe Passing Techniques and Safety Equipment
  • Alcohol and Drug Use: The Law
  • Alcohol and Drug Use: DUI Prevention
  • Driver Attitude and Behavior
  • The Delaware Driver License
  • Traffic Laws In The State Of Delaware
  • Traffic Signs and Control Lights

You will learn all of these lessons and more in our user-friendly online 3 hour refresher course. You will have 24/7 access to the course materials and will be able to access them from any computer with internet access. You’ll be able to complete our Quick and Easy course at your own pace by logging on and off as you please. You may want to view our Defensive Driving Coupons to save some money on our Course Price. If you’re ready to get started, you can do so Online or over the phone by contacting one of our Customer Service Agents.

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If you have never taken a Delaware defensive driving course or think you may be outside of the renewal timeframe, you’ll need our Basic 6 Hour Course. We recommend contacting your insurance agent if you are unsure about your renewal status.

If you are looking for a behavioral modification/attitudinal-driving course, you will want our Aggressive Driving Course.

Delaware DMV Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you approved to offer this program in Delaware?

    Yes. We are Approved by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles to offer our Basic and Refresher programs. For our Aggressive Driving course, we are approved by the Secretary of Transportation. We meet all state, court and DMV requirements to ensure you receive the proper credit.

  • How do I receive an auto insurance reduction and a 3 point DMV credit?

    When you successfully complete our basic or refresher course, you will simply need to present your Completion Certificate to your auto insurance provider. Your insurance agent will then be responsible for applying your mandatory discount to your premium.
    Additionally, upon completion of either of our programs, we will automatically notify the Delaware DMV and they will take care of granting your three point driving record credit.

  • How long does the online course take to complete?

    Our online courses are designed to be self-paced and provide a comprehensive review of proper defensive driving techniques, DMV laws and licensing procedures, impaired driving issues, and the rules of the road. The Basic Course has 14 chapters for a total of 6 hours of required instruction. The Refresher Course has 10 chapters for a total of 3 hours of required instruction. The Aggressive Driving course has 15 chapters for a total of 8 hours of required instruction. Chapters are timed to ensure that you have enough time to learn all of the information and to meet Delaware state law requirements. Our programs work around your busy schedule, so you can learn when it's convenient for you.

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